Fabulous homemade pizza with 00 flour pizza recipe. 

00 flour pizza recipe


There are several pizza dough recipes available on the market today. However, the flour pizza, which is an important ingredient in making a delicious pizza, determines whether it is really delicious or not. Pizza made with 00 Flour is the most refined, ultrafine powder available, with a low protein content (depending on what kind of wheat it’s ground from) and the ability to perform at high temperatures. With all of these advantages, why not join us in making Fabulous homemade pizza with 00 flour pizza recipe?

But first, we need to understand about 00 Flour… 

As we all know, baking powder is the most basic ingredient when baking. In particular, powder 00 is considered the gold standard for pizza or pasta. So, what separates 00 flour from other flours?


For 00 flour, it’s more about the gluten material.


With the bread dough will not tear when you stretch it, but it will be a little difficult to shape the cake according to your wishes, the cake will continuously resilient due to its high gluten content (12-14%).

The average protein content of the American-style 00 flour is between 11 and 12%.


For pizza dough made with 00 flour, you’ll need a really hot oven.

According to research, 00 flour works well in an oven that cooks easily and at a high temperature, such as 800 degrees F or higher.

And now, don’t let you wait long, let’s start making the fabulous pizza! This is the great recipe in market which will never make you disappointed.




1kg type 00 pizza flour

500mL water

0.5-1g rising flour

5g salt (or to taste)

After preparing for those necessary ingredients, we are heading to the most important part: the process of making a perfect Italian pizza dough.


The Steps involved:


Step 1: Add water to the bowl (should be in the 20-22 degrees Celsius range so as to not change the qualities of the flour), the rising flour, the salt and add the flour through a sifter gradually. The purpose of the sifter will incorporate air into the dough and break up any lumps.

Step 2: Mix it for 6-7 minutes with a machine, or about 20-30 minutes with your hand, until uniform. After that, form balls from 180 to 250g. This will yield about 7 to 9 pizza “balls” of dough. 

Cup your hands and work the dough in circular motions.

Step 3: Take the dough and fold it into itself, beat it on the table to flatten out the dough

Repeat until the dough is well smooth and round.

Step 4: Place the pizza “balls” into a tray, cover it with a damp cloth (or sprinkle water on top and cover with wrapping film), place it in a place free of wind because wind is the number one enemy, as it tends to dry the dough and form a crust on the surface.

If possible, at a temperature between 24 and 27 degrees celsius. Let the flour rise for at least 4 hours.

If you keep the dough at a colder temperature, let it rise for longer, up to 72hours.

Important information: 

The strength of the flour is determined by a number of properties such as the degree of water absorption and the amount of protein (a strong flour has a greater amount of protein and absorbs more water). 00 flour is the most refined flour found in Italy. Being so fine, it creates a dough that is silky and maintains a chewiness when cooked

→ you will find all this info in the product descriptions

Letting enough time for the flour to rise allows the enzymes contained in the flour to trigger the chemical processes that transform starch (carbohydrates) into simple sugars and gluten (proteins) into simple amino acids, these processes and transformations give the final product a great digestibility, having performed a good part of the work that our stomach would otherwise have to do. The more you let the flour rise, the easier it becomes to digest.

Pizza is ideal for snacks or family parties, so don’t miss out on Luna JSC‘s easy-to-follow directions for making tasty pizza. You can adjust the taste and add ingredients according to your preferences based on the shared recipe. We wish you a tasty pizza with a good outcome!

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