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Its name and its history refer to the mountain between Lecco and Bergamo, where Val Taleggio is located. Like Gorgonzola, of which it is a close relative (until a few decades ago they were both generically referred to as “stracchino”), Taleggio is processed with raw paste, and then undergoes stewing between 20 and 30° in a special room to eliminate excess whey. Aging takes place in natural caves such as those of Valsassina, famous since the 19th century for its natural caverns ideal for refining cheeses.

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Taleggio is an Italian cheese with protected designation of origin (PDO), made from raw cow’s milk, soft and with a washed rind.

The rind is thin, soft and of a natural rosé, given by the characteristic microflora. The paste is uniform and compact, light in color ranging from white to straw yellow, softer under the crust and, at the end of the seasoning, more crumbly in the center of the wheel. A journey with every bite. The taste is sweet, slightly aromatic, sometimes with a truffle aftertaste; the smell is characteristic. All that remains is to try it!

During the maturation, which lasts at least 35 days, the proteolytic and lipolytic activity of the microflora of the rind contribute to the characteristic centripetal development of the maturation of this cheese. Taleggio is characterized by good digestibility and is a natural food because no treatment of the crust is allowed, other than that with water and salt.


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100 g, 2.2 Kg


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