Salame Felino ‘Il Gentile Emiliano’ (100g) – GIANNI NEGRINI

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A sort of Italian salami traditionally produced in the province of Parma’s Felino (thus the name) and a few nearby villages.

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Salame Felino is originally made entirely out of pork. In general, the combination is composed of 30% chosen fat and 70% lean components. Salt and whole-grain pepper are added to the medium-coarse-grained mixture after it has been ground with medium-sized dies. After being ground, the mixture is combined with crushed pepper and garlic, which are then dissolved in dry white wine before being packed into natural pig casing. The so-called soft intestine is traditionally used for packaging Felino salami. Felino salami benefits from at least 70 days of optimum seasoning, which is made possible by the unique microclimate of the Parma region.

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