Good things are always the simplest. This is the secret for a successful company.

DIVELLA’s “Mediterranean Passion” began in 1890 when founder Francesco Divella built the first flour production mill in Rutigliano, in the Apulia region. Since, the DIVELLA brand has grown to become the second most consumed pasta brand in Italy.

The daily commitment of 320 workers allowed DIVELLA to achieve a leading role on the local and global markets. The figures speak for themselves. The mills grind 1200 tons of durum wheat and 400 tons of soft wheat every day. The pasta factory produces about 1000 tons of dry pasta per day, 35 tons of fresh pasta, and over 150 pasta shapes to satisfy the most demanding tastes.


For 65 years, the Negrini Group has produced quality cold cuts in areas of Italy where the art of meat curing has some of its deepest roots and has earned the very best reputation.

It is with this business philosophy that the Negrini Group has become one of the most important names in the Italian food business. With a production and sales strategy directed primarily at quality, innovation and customer service, the Negrini Group represents an ideal partner for distribution and catering firms eager to keep up with market development and the demands of the consumer

We call it ingenuity because technological intuitions from centuries ago are still being used today. Parmigiano Reggiano is based on an extremely complex production method: the characteristics of the dough and the use of raw milk, without anti-fermentation agents and preservatives, require extraordinary knowledge. Knowledge which has been passed on orally from the master cheese maker to the dairy apprentice, or from father to son, through generations going back to 1000 years ago. 

That’s why, when we enter our Cheese laboratory during the production hours, the whole place is full of the sweetest smell of fresh milk. It brings back memories, this sweet smell, to when we were children. It brings also the dream of eating the best, freshest and incredibly tasty cheese.

Using Local Milk and local manpower, Ottima Cheese is bringing the dream of the Fresh High Quality Italian Cheese in South East Asia.

Started by a group of Italian and Vietnamese Partners, our vision is to provide healthy and natural Cheese in this region of the Planet, where the conditions are possible.

MULO comes from a long journey which starts from Italy, bringing the story, art and culture of real espresso, in search of the best coffee beans around the world. We respect that the coffees are unique, conceived in places with their own culture and their own specials flavors with our blends made to give our customers the experience of unique tasting. MULO is a careful research and selection of what the land is offering us, because coffee, like the rest of agriculture, is a seasonal product, which is personally cared for and enriched by the experience of our Italian roaster. 

The wines of Perlage are the result of the vision of the Nardi family and its passion for organic viticulture. Since 1985 PERLAGE produces only organic wine, but it is known from all over the world for its Organic Prosecco and Sparkling wine.

Today Perlage is recognized worldwide among the most important Italian Organic Sparkling Wineries and one of the few producers of organic wine in the Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG area. Perlage is recognized as well for its tradition and innovation in the production of its organic, and since 2004 also biodynamic wines.

Cantina Valdadige was founded in 1957 by the will of a group of winemakers strongly motivated to enhance their territory. Over the years the winery has developed specialists who oversee all the stages of the wine process, from the vines to the cellar. An agronomist of the Cantina Valdadige follows all the members who today number more than 230 and advises them on the choice of methods, systems and pest control with the minimum possible environmental impact, using methods that are as natural as possible.

A story made of passion and continuous research to give the maximum expression of the valley in one sip. The philosophy of the winery, to always offer the market an excellent product, is to have total control of the production chain; in fact it only makes and sells products deriving from its members, with whom it has established a relationship of trust and mutual gratification.

Cantina Nottola is situated on a beautiful vineyard hill inside the prestigious area in Tuscany where Vino Nobile di Montepulciano has been  produced for a thousand years. The Cellar, close to the 18th century Villa Bracci, is well integrated in the splendid Tuscany`s scenery around the vineyard hills.

In 1997 restructuring was completed following two principal guidelines: the first with respect to the beautiful architectural heritage by refurbishing old materials, and the second was to utilize high technology instruments to work the valued grapes.

In the late 1800s, the history of Feudo Montoni was bound together by the Sireci family when Fabio’s grandfather, Rosario, purchased Feudo Montoni, recognizing the particular characteristics of the land and its biodiversity. He found ancient vines, such as Perricone, Nero d’Avola and Catarratto. He especially fell in love with the wines from these grapes that present features of unusual elegance.

At Montoni, each and every organism first expresses itself by listening to the voice of Mother Nature. She leads. Rigid and steadfast, but at the same time righteous, she consistently creates the perfect equilibrium which, only if supported and followed, can be a precursor to great products. Our wines are thus manipulated as little as possible by man.

In our cellar two souls come together: the tradition of small wooden barrels, whose scent brings to mind ancient stories, told by candlelight and reflected by the red of the bricks of the walls, and the technology used for the production of the wines, in the modern stainless steel tanks, a tool for preserving perfumes and aromas.

The past and the present: we, men, are the link.

Our history began at the end of the Fifties, in the heart of Valpolicella. The passion of Bruno Vaona, founder and soul of the farm, was shared and inherited by the family who still in our days take care of their own vineyards and make wines that truly express the land where they are produced.

La Giaretta’s story is told first and foremost through its wines. These speak for them, their territory and their passion. In a simple and sincere way.

The total lack of any vine growing tradition in the area meant that Antonio and his father could give free rein to their pioneering ideas. Some of the most famous ampelographers and university researchers of the day were convinced by these ideas and were inspired to join them in a research project which was launched in 1985 with the planting of close to 60 different experimental vines in Casale del Giglio’s soil.

No scheme as bold and daring had ever been approached in such a scientific way before and Casale del Giglio’s young winemaker, Paolo Tiefenthaler, was to become its leading light. The believers in the endeavour were amply rewarded for their audacity however when they achieved their first significant results from the red grape varieties Syrah and Petit Verdot and from whites such as Sauvignon, Viognier and Petit Manseng. These varieties have given rise to monovarietal wines and to blends, all of which offer excellent value for money.

Feudi di Guagnano was born with the aim of saving a few hectares of vineyards cultivated with negroamaro and primitivo abandoned by vintners who were elderly and no longer able to cultivate them. This is why producing wines for our winery was above all an act of love towards a territory, the North Salento, historically among the most important in Italy regarding wine.

Our wines are obtained exclusively from native vines: negroamaro, primitivo, malvasia nera from Lecce and verdeca. A special selection of  Chardonnay is aged in French oak barrels for 6 months. This philosophy stems from the desire to enhance the area and produce wines that are an expression of the history and the winemaking tradition of their land. The extreme care in cultivation and vinification processes together with a strictly manual harvest, qualify the varied offer of wines from our winery.

The Maddalena Peroni Distillery was born in Gussago, Franciacorta, in 1969 from an idea of ​​mother Maddalena and father Giuseppe Andreoli. Today, the sons Carlo, Paola and Sandro Andreoli run the company with passion and wisdom, carrying it forward over time and in the specialization of grappa, liqueurs, creams and much more. 

Today’s success is always accompanied by the memory of the dawn, when the distillery came to life from the installation of a single copper steam boiler where every drop was squeezed in the dim light of a cellar between hope and enthusiasm. Today the distillery, also in Franciacorta, has expanded with the installation of various systems while maintaining that characteristic of the discontinuous steam system, abandoned by many but which guarantees a fundamental and characteristic note for an excellent and authentic quality. 

Distillerie Peroni Maddalena, in Franciacorta, the quality distilled drop by drop.