Grana Padano DOP 15 months (2.2kg) - MONTANARI & GRUZZA


The world’s number one selling DOP hard cheese, prodded in the low Lombardy valleys, north of the Po river. 

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The milk coming from two daily milkings is partially skimmed through surfacing. The wheels weigh from 34 to 38 kg and their seasoning can range from 9 months – minimum maturation required for marking – to more than 20 months.

It does not contain ingredients, additives, flavorings, processing aids, supports for additives and flavorings consisting of or derived from GMOs.

  • Rind appearance: natural gold-coloured rind, 5 mm thickness;
  • Paste colour: from pale straw-yellow to straw-yellow;
  • Internal Structure: grainy texture which converges from the edges to the centre wheel;
  • Aroma: fragrant cheese; smells like milk, grass and dried fruits
  • Taste: savoury but quite delicate, never too salty



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