General Information

How to order

Currently, LUNA accept orders and purchases through the following forms:

➢ For retail customers:

Customers can place orders online on our website and fanpage, or visit directly at our shop.

➢ For customers who have a sales contract with LUNA:

Orders can be placed through phone or email. If you are a first time customer at LUNA, you can find our B2B request form on our website (our sales staff will contact you as soon as possible).

Delivery Policy

➢ Hanoi inner city:

Every order will be delivered within 24 hours.

➢ Outside of Hanoi:

Orders will be delivered within 2-5 working days.

Return policy

LUNA only handles return goods in the following cases:

➢ The item does not match the product description of the orders;

➢ The item has a strange taste, is damaged or crushed;

➢ The product has a technical defect caused by the manufacturer.

More information:

➢ Customer must notify the shop within 1 day from delivery date;

➢ The item will be returned within 5 days from delivery date;

➢ Please return by mail or in store.

Payment Methods

LUNA applies the following means of payment:

➢ Bank transfer payment method

You can transfer directly to the company’s bank account. Please leave your information or order details on the bank transfer form. Right after you place your order our staff will call to confirm your order and delivery time to you.

➢ Cash on delivery (COD)

You can complete the payment on the delivery of the goods. The customer can inspect the goods but should keep the goods at its original packets and the tags intact for exchange in case of necessity.

➢ Credit as agreed in the sales contract

Taking into consideration your purchase quantity, the two parties will work together to come up with appropriate terms in the contract.

➢ Deposit for bulk orders

Customers are kindly requested to deposit 30% – 50% of the amount to be paid and pay the remaining sum immediately after receiving the goods