Essenza Italiana 16/18 months (2.2kg) - MONTANARI & GRUZZA


Produced in the heart of the Pianura Padana, the most important Italian agricultural territory where agriculture has been practised for more than 2000 years and typical cheese has been produced for around 900 years.

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It is suitable for vegetarians, since it contains vegetable rennet. It does not contain, preservatives, additives, sugars and it is naturally lactose-free. It is available with a minimum ripening of 16/18 months, which allows it to reach an elevated organoleptic and sensory level.

It does not contain ingredients, additives, flavorings, processing aids, supports for additives and flavorings consisting of or derived from GMOs

  • Appearance of the pasta: hard, finely grainy.
  • Consistence: hard
  • Smell: fragrant
  • Flavor: delicate with a consistent aftertaste



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